Thursday, April 30, 2009

Disappearing act

So during my recent eye roll exercise time (reading Life&Style), I came across an excellent quote by Heidi Klum, the versatile do-it-all supermodel. Smashed between stories about Britney's fashion or lack thereof, Katie's super skinny diet, and celebrity matchmaker Patti Stanger's breast reduction -- because C is the perfect cup size, don't you know???? /gag -- it came as a shock.

"A size 0? I've never heard of that. That didn't exist when I was growing up. When did that start? What does that mean? It means a person is not there, no? It makes no sense." (italics added)

Why yes, by Jove, Heidi! I think you've got it...a 0 means a person is not there! OR in other words, women who are trying to work themselves down to that idolized size 0 are just obeying what this patriarchial ruled society has ordained as a woman's best quality -- the ability to BE LESS. Yes, in order to be the perfect woman, you should weigh less, show the appearance of less, less wrinkles, less grey, less blemishes (or just the "perfect" amounts as far as T/A are concerned), eat less, have less of an opinion, have less intellect...just be less.

The beauty of this plan? If women are obsessed with being less, they will be too busy to accomplish anything else. Do you know how much MORE it takes to appear LESS? Anti-aging creams, hair dye, anti-cellulite creams, creams to remove stretch marks and varicose veins, and of course, makeup -- might as well install a wall-to-wall medicine cabinet in your bathroom! -- not to mention, collagen injections, botox, liposuction, and implants. And don't even get me started on the diets that take over your mind and your sanity with calorie counting and do eat/don't eat mantras, or all the money you can spend on diet cardboard,, and programs like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. More time, more money, more sacrifice just to be less. Oh, it is so NOT worth it. And let's call it what it really is - a distraction. A distraction to all the intelligent, beautiful, amazing women in the world who could be investing their time and money in meaningful, worthwhile goals and aspirations.

So yes, Heidi, it makes no sense. No sane human would want to make herself disappear. Just imagine what women could accomplish if they were allowed to remain sane and be present! I get it..... Great plan to keep your power intact guys -- we never said you were stupid ALL the time!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Name your price food

Restaurant experimenting is one of my favorite pasttimes. Places that no one's heard of are my speciality! But, so many times, particularly at those chain places, I think, seriously, you want me to pay that much for that meal??? (I'm looking at you TGIF...I seriously dislike their food and their portions are pathetic!)

SO, when I read about this >>>
restauranter Denise Cerrata and her revolutionary idea I immediately wished we had something like this in Pittsburgh, or anywhere in the area for that matter. She owns a pay-what-you-want restaurant in Salt Lake City called One World Everybody Eats.

It's been around six years and her restaurant is going strong on a buffet style service. There are no prices listed, simply a note asking patrons to donate what they would pay for a similar meal at conventional restaurant. And if you can't pay? Volunteer. Clean up, wash dishes, etc. 1 hour of work = 1 meal. Rice and dal are always free.

But I think what I really like most about this restaurant is the no waste mindset. Patrons are asked to take only what they can actually eat. Meat bones are only thrown in the garbage once they've been used for soup broth. Food scraps are used for compost at community garden in the area.

The best part? The restaurant is debt-free. Very few establishments can tout that, especially right now.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jerks in disguise.

Nice Guy (tm)

I thought of this comic after watching a couple episodes of the new animated show on FOX -- Sit Down, Shut Up. First, I was really excited about this show, because it stars a few people from Arrested Development, a show I LOVED. And, there are a few other really good people minus Kenan, who is really UNfunny on SNL. But, it is just BAD. I mean it is kind of clever. But, really, it's so blatant in its stereotypes and exaggerations, that it doesn't come off as the parody it wants to be. WHAT A SHAME. But, my biggest problem is the main character, Larry Littlejunk, voiced by Jason Bateman (who I actually really, really like, aside from his being a little fataphobic.) Anyway, he plays the perfect "Nice Guy (tm)." New York Magazine said it perfectly in their review of the show, "...the sardonic, smartass, 'nice guy' jerk lusting after a dumb blonde." PERFECT analysis. And the exact reason why I adore the Nice Guy theory.

The Nice Guy theory has one underlying theme. Selflessness. The NG wants you to think that all he cares about is making you happy, your needs, your greater good. He only gets mad because he cares. so. much.! Same goes for jealousy. OH, please. Now, I don't think NGs are all bad. I just don't think they're all angel either. Because the minute you don't do as they please, here comes manipulation and emotional abuse. I mean, the cartoon says it all....'oh, you don't want to date me, WELL the guy that you want to date is a JERK.' Of course he's a jerk, because he's not you, right, NG?

(BTW: I think girls can play the role of NG too.)

Some more info about nice guys --

Discombobulated (sic?)

Today, at work (I'm SEVERELY bored) I colored the pieces
of Mr. Potato Head because this is how I feel:

Maybe I have that swine flu that's going around???? GASP!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Time for a do-over of this blog. I gave up because it just slowly became a loser, sad tale life suck. So back to happy thoughts and happy times. And case in are a few happy, random pics I've taken....

a pretty pear.

my baby kitty

he's really mad at me, but i'm happy!

one of the cute little birds that live in the shrubs outside a bank
(they are amish birds because they won't let me take pics of their faces!)

and a few others....

from a fun night with ms. g: