Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Name your price food

Restaurant experimenting is one of my favorite pasttimes. Places that no one's heard of are my speciality! But, so many times, particularly at those chain places, I think, seriously, you want me to pay that much for that meal??? (I'm looking at you TGIF...I seriously dislike their food and their portions are pathetic!)

SO, when I read about this >>>
restauranter Denise Cerrata and her revolutionary idea I immediately wished we had something like this in Pittsburgh, or anywhere in the area for that matter. She owns a pay-what-you-want restaurant in Salt Lake City called One World Everybody Eats.

It's been around six years and her restaurant is going strong on a buffet style service. There are no prices listed, simply a note asking patrons to donate what they would pay for a similar meal at conventional restaurant. And if you can't pay? Volunteer. Clean up, wash dishes, etc. 1 hour of work = 1 meal. Rice and dal are always free.

But I think what I really like most about this restaurant is the no waste mindset. Patrons are asked to take only what they can actually eat. Meat bones are only thrown in the garbage once they've been used for soup broth. Food scraps are used for compost at community garden in the area.

The best part? The restaurant is debt-free. Very few establishments can tout that, especially right now.

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