Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yesterday, I played hookie (well, I decided the day before and told them, but still) and went to the Pittsburgh Zoo!

Never been, always wanted to go, and it was worth the trip. Everyone seemed to spend the day was cool and cloudy, so a good day for one. Check out the leopard - he's just a giant kit
ty taking a cat nap.

There was the crazy skunk who just kept pacing in his area. The hilarious baboon who was quite idiosyncratic. The giraffes who were standing hip to hip and occassionally fighting, like a flat version of king of the mountain. The lion who tried to hump the lioness for two seconds before he got a hairball, tried coughing it out, then just laid down cause he was tired.

And then the penguin who hoarded his food and got mad at anyone who came nearby. Seriously, the zoo reminded me so much of my day to day life dealing with people who impersonate the loco animals.

But the best thing I saw yesterday was a regular joe schmo family. And it was the mom that caught my attention. She was an attractive dark haired beauty, who was fatter than I. And as soon as I saw her, I couldn't stop starring. She was wearing nice clothes, her toes were painted. She had awesome shoes. She was happy. Her child was beautiful. And her husband obviously loved her. She filled me with hope. Beyond belief. That even though I'm death fat, maybe, maybe one day some guy will love me enough to marry me and have a kid with me. And, it reminded me of something I read last week....just because you're fat, doesn't mean you have to disappear. Never leave the house, or when you do, act like you shouldn't be alive. Or dress in crappy clothes, or not do your hair, or paint your toenails. Proving to people that fat is okay is being visible. Being out in the open, living a normal life is the best way to throw "it" back in the face of everyone who thinks it's better to be dead than fat. So, mom in the blue shirt with the black hair...thank you!

the biggest animal of them all

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